EcoPrasinos is a complete design engineering consultancy owned by Malaysian founded on 24th August 2009, by the support of our group technical expertise that have more than 25years of experience in engineering consultancy field, we have located ourselves as a front line engineering consultancy company in Malaysia that strive to deliver the best services for our clients. EcoPrasinos has been notably trusted and certified by Board of Engineers Malaysia to carry out imperative responsibilities stretches from conceptual studies to front-end engineering design, detail engineering design and support construction.

Parallel to the company growth, we created collaborative teams with our local and foreign affiliates to achieve absolute potent and efficiency in our services. We also have meliorated our scope of service by providing IT solutions for our engineering and management activities to ensure an effective management of internal and external electronic documentation between our team members, clients and suppliers. The system solution capability stretches from electronic document’s editing to document tracking, workflow, and electronic publishing in both intranet and internet.

As we seeking into enhanced pre-eminence, we are continually expanding our bond with local and worldwide corporate bodies to thrive consistent success.