EcoPrasinos was formally established on 24th August 2009 after the director visualised the shortage of local expertise contribution in oil and gas engineering consultation as the sector was being dominance by the foreign experts. Throughout the time, it has always become social responsibilities to consolidate the local talents in order to increase the number of knowledgeable and skilled people in the country.

Initially, the company built its reputation as an engineering consultant in the Subsea and Pipeline services. The company consists of senior team experts that have more than 15 years of experience in the Oil and Gas consultancy services. The knowledge and experiences gained in the foreign lands have been used to advocate the local man powers by allotting the skills and knowledge to the local man powers as to establish pool of local expertise and professionalism equivalent to foreign capabilities as well as to create job opportunities for the society. Since 2009, EcoPrasinos began to offer a new breed of complete engineering solutions to clients that aligned organizations' information technologies, engineering design, processes and people with their strategies.

Throughout its history, the company has expanded its scale of services whilst evolving management trends and technologies to benefit its clients. The company has manoeuvred its service and business direction, led the resource planning, and undertakes beneficial opportunities in today’s global marketplace.

Fundamental Years (2009 - 2010)

Since its inception in 2009, EcoPrasinos has operated as a locally owned independent entity. By 2009, EcoPrasinos has been registered with Kastam Diraja Malaysia, Ministry of Finance, Companies Commissioner of Malaysia, and Board of Engineers Malaysia. Within the first quarter of 2010, EcoPrasinos has been certified by Lloyd for the Quality Management System, and has also been secured for Petronas license. During the fundamental years, EcoPrasinos has managed to gain trust from its clients and has successfully delivered the service efficiently within timely manner. Ecoprasinos has been able to secure Pipeline and Subsea project in Peninsular and West Malaysia. Extensively, EcoPrasinos has created its own local and abroad affiliates through the project collaboration. EcoPrasinos acquired the necessary integrity to remain competitive and fuel its growth.

The Development (2011-2014)

The definite growth and advancement took place after we have become more productive. We have secured more projects from Shell, Murphy Oil Corporation, HESS, and Petronas located in enormous location in Peninsular Malaysia (Kerteh, Terengganu), West Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), Malaysian bound region (Thailand-Malaysian JDA), and also overseas (Iran and Indonesia). During those days, by combining our group of brainpowers, technical expertise, and comprehensive system capabilities in the business functions, EcoPrasinos collaborates with clients to help them develop high-performance businesses for both the government and private sectors.

We at Present

Proven that EcoPrasinos was able to manage more projects and developed exquisite teams for its technical services and the management, EcoPrasinos has taken a huge leap of advancement by expanding its scope of services. EcoPrasinos has widened its scope of services from Subsea and Pipeline design consultancy provider, to a complete engineering design solution. A part of widening the scope of services, EcoPrasinos has strengthened its IT solution system by initiated and successfully established the Solution to Management (S2M) system. The Solution to Management (S2M) has invented the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), which has supported project collaboration between EcoPrasinos and the external parties; our clients and subcontractors.