Ecoprasinos technical team has in-depth experience of all aspects - engineering, procurement, construction, and managements of onshore pipelines. This includes pipeline for the treatment of hydrocarbon gases and liquids both for upstream facilities and for downstream petrochemical projects. Many onshore developments are phased over an extended period. Upgrades, such as the addition of compression facilities, are planned for implementation dirong later field life Major unplanned upgrades can also be necessary to resolve operating change, such as, well stream composition and the allowable concentration of effluent contaminants.

The skills in the Ecoprasinos's technical team allow the following issues to be addressed :

    • Site Selection
    • Flow Assurance Study
    • Pig Trap Design
    • Risk Assessment
    • Design Onshore Pipeline System
    • Routing Study
    • Specification
    • Protection and Stabilization
    • Design of Cathodic Protection System
    • Pipeline Road Crossing
    • Upheaval and Lateral Buckling
    • Pipeline Intervention and Mitigation for Buckling
    • Pipeline Installation Engineering
    • Horizontal Directional Drilling Analysis
    • Pipe Jacking Analysis
    • Pipeline Insitu Analysis
    • Pig Trap Design
    • Pipeline pre commissioning and commissioning study
    • Onshore Pipeline Roller Support Design
    • Pipeline Support Design
    • Pipeline Lifting Analysis