Top management is responsible or ensuring that the requirements of the Quality Management System are implemented and maintained. Ecoprasinos Engineering ensures that team member at all level of the company are full informed of the quality management. Ecoprasinos Engineering operates a Quality Managements System that has been independently Quality Assurances and is accredited to BSN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 and MS ISO 9001 : 2008.


Ecoprasinos Engineering Sdn Bhd is registered with Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM). Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM) is statutory body constituted under the Registration of Engineering Act 1967 with perpertual succession and a common and which sue and sued. It was formed in 23 August 1972.


To provide our client with quality and services which always meet the requirement or expectation of project (i.e. safety, cost and schedule)

To provide our employees with sufficient training, rewards and benefit to encourage and to motivate them toward proactive working environment and enable preservation of competent and qualified employee.

To provide our supplied great opportunity and long term relation based from quality services and product provided.

To provide our community with opportunity and services that can improves their economics and and environmental and ready to provide knowledge and information regards to our activities.

To continually improves our Quality Management System (QMS) to meets the future challenges and meeting the Client's Requirement.